Welcome… So you love fudge? In our gourmet fudge we use only the finest ingredients. white chocolate fudge
Ingredients like cream, milk, English butter and Fair Trade Muscovado Sugar.
Our homemade gourmet fudge is straight out of our own kitchens and is deliciously addictive.
We use traditional methods with no artificial additives or preservatives.
We believe our fudge is the best fudge in the world.
We use a new unique process for each gourmet fudge recipe so no two textures or flavours are the same and no artificial flavourings or colourings either.
Are your desires melt in the mouth, crumbly or simply smooth? Our fudge will satisfy them all!
Wherever possible our products are made using fair trade and ethical suppliers.
You can buy our delicious fudge from our shop on this website or from our Ebay shop.011_006